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​A Culture and Leadership Development and Fight For Life
Program for boys ages 8-17

Classes begin in September

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African American boys have the opportunity to receive some of the best and most comprehensive leadership and life skills training afforded young black men in Arizona.


What is S.O.N.S.?

S.O.N.S. is a 15 week Leadership Development Program designed specifically for African American boys, ages 12-17. The program focuses on developing the minds, bodies and spirits of young men and providing tools that will allow them to strategically navigate life's challenges to become successful contributors to their communities and the world..



S.O.N.S. is a collaborative effort between several local organizations that have a history of committing their time and resources to the African American community. They include: Fatimah Halim, President/CEO of Life Paradigms, Inc.,  Bilal Rahim of "Fight For Life" No Excuses and Our Black Fathers Committee LLC and Gung Fu Specialist, James Sesay. Bryan Darby, Brotha Anthony, and Brotha Jvion.



In addition to weekly Gung Fu Martial Arts training, History, Health and Wellness and Community Service and also includes the following:


  • Health and Nutrition

  • Mental Wellness –mental self care; hygiene

  • Community Activism

  • Digital Branding

  • College Preparedness

  • Personal Finance; stocks & bonds; investments; brokerage accounts; mutual funds, saving and banking

  • Gardening

  • Police Interaction

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Camping Retreat


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