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As I See It . . .

This is perfection.

Just as you are. Collectively, and individually, we are varying degrees of God (99 Attributes of God and 44 Principles of Ma’at) and perfect expressions of the niggardly mind (“66 Attributes of the Nigga” by Tunde Ra & TaharQa Aleem). A perfect combination for growth.

The way I see it is we get off on the wrong foot when we begin to believe that “everyone should think like me” or – “my belief is better and therefore you’re lesser.” It’s really alright to feel however you feel, as long as you recognize how these feelings are affecting your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. We’ve all been molded by life and living. Our feelings towards something or someone is a direct reflection of what we’ve been taught or made to believe about it. Mis-education can cause fear, hatred, and overreaction. What you believe is basic to who you are and what you’ve been told about yourself and others; the perceived negative and the perceived positive. Both are necessary for development.

If only we allowed people their viewpoints. We don’t have to agree nor do we have to conform to another’s interpretation of life and how to live it – unless we choose to. The thing is – is your viewpoint serving the highest good.

People are naturally curious and curiosity is a beautiful thing. Our entrée into the life begins at home with family – then branches out boundlessly. We do ourselves a great a disservice by not exploring life and its offerings. If you’re curious about anything, learn about it. Talk to the people who live within this curiosity of yours. Find out if what you deem novel is really that different; or what you think is inferior is in truth superior – and vice versa.

Life comes in phases; childhood, adulthood, relationships, careers, parenthood, death. You want to be ready when they show up. Expand your mind. Release yourself from fear and living within the comfort of the norm. Explore unfamiliar worlds and unfamiliar people. I guarantee that when you do you will begin to appreciate the incredibleness that each has to offer.

You have access to 143 Godly attributes and principles and 66 niggardly ones. Choose discerningly the ones you will take with you on your travels. Either way, you WILL evolve into its perfection.

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