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The Courage to Learn

One thing about life and living is that things are constantly changing. You will always have an opportunity to shift - whether it's your life, your mind, your situation, your ___ - you fill in the blank. Sometimes we feel stuck in a situation and have convinced ourselves we can't escape. This could be a job or a relationship we abhor but stay in it because of the security or material gain. These are typical shadow attributes of the prostitute archetype. Our self esteem becomes so low that we believe this is the best we could do. It takes audacity to change your circumstances; to stand up against that which brings you down. But once we come to terms with, as adults, we have total control over our lives, we will find the courage to make the shift. At least we should. There is a 'light' side to the prostitute archetype; that side accepts the "challenge of surviving without negotiating the power of your spirit." (Carolyn Myss). It's important that we become aware of the moments we are giving up our power. No one can take it without your permission. Once you place blame on something or someone else, you've given up your power; the power to change your circumstances. Life will come at you in all kinds of ways - good, bad and crazy. You have to determine how you will dance with it. I learned that "hard trials are necessary to establish truth." In the Qur'an it states, " do the people think that they will say they believe and not be tested?" Life is a series of tests, but there is no pass or fail only lessons to learn.

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