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About Us

How We See It

Life Paradigms, Inc. (LP) mission is to implement positive change in underserved communities through the intellectual/educational, emotional and social development of youth, women and those in the criminal justice system. LP’s intent is to create an awareness of the importance of personal and social responsibility. Through LP programs, participants learn to recognize their responsibilities to their families, their communities and themselves.

Three key initiatives for LP are (1) Leadership Development (2) Health and Healing (3) Education and Training.  These are accomplished through the implementation of programs and productions sponsored by or collaborated with the City of Phoenix,  African American Broadcasting Company, Arizona State University, Maricopa County Sheriff‘s Department, and numerous community based organizations and individuals.

LP programs have impacted over 1000 families and reach over 50,000 participants and viewers annually. Programs include:


  • Blueprint for Womanhood Culture and Leadership Development Program

  • S.O.N.S. (Saving Our Noble Sons) Culture and Leadership Development Program

  • Journey Home: An Arts Experience for Incarcerated Women

  • Sistah Circle - talking circle for seasoned women

  • Get Reel – television and film production program for youth

  • Focus – weekly talk television show on Cox Cable

  • The SALON Series - special events

  • Cultural Immersion and Global Citizenship Project - domestic and international travel for youth




Life Paradigms, Inc. was created in 1994 and received its non-profit 501C3 status in April 2000. The organization was created for the purpose of educating and empowering women and youth mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and to create an awareness of the importance of personal and social responsibility.


Some of the services we provide include:



Substance Abuse Interventions


Mental Health Counseling


Workshops and Lectures


Start a Rites of Passage Program in your community



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