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Sistah Circle

Women gatherings (circles) are gaining momentum throughout the country. This exciting surge of "coming together in support of one another" is helping to create an elevated consciousness in women. Circles provide women with a renewed insight into one another and their relationships with their mothers, their children, and their mates. Healthy circles can be a source of rejuvenation, inspiration, and enlightenment - spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

The Sistah Circle is a place where sistahs gather to discuss the evolution of their individual spirits and that of the collective. The Circle meets the first Thursday of the month and focuses on spiritual consciousness/awareness and balancing the sacred with the secular. The Circle is a place where women share the essence of who they are in the spirit of love and trust, which is sisterhood in the purest sense. Women of Color from all spiritual backgrounds are welcome. The Circle is non-religious and non-sectarian.

To My Sisters, From Fatimah . . .

The Sisterhood is the strongest bond next to mother and child. Within the comfort and healing of its strong embraces, dwell the power to propel its participants to either the highest grounds or the depths of a dark and sorrowful abyss, depending on the strength and spiritual commitment of its members.
The Sisterhood is an absolute necessity for the strength and well-being of the woman.  At its core lies a calm, assuring security. The Sisterhood is a support system that provides loving care and sustenance, when you need it. It challenges you to be strong, when you are at your weakest. Inside the spirit of Sisterhood resides a devotion to swift and positive change. Springing forth from a healthy sister-bond are seeds of truth, loyalty, upliftment, and a dedication to the common goal of achieving the God- consciousness. Sisters in the conscious circle value and respect the opinions of their sisters, share stories of both pain and pleasure, and are confident that their innermost secrets, dreams, and desires are safe within the sanctity of the circle.  They provide protection for one another, yet will not encourage behavior that devastates the spirit. The Sisterhood is a sacred bond; a force to be reckoned with.  Within the sanctity of its highest synergy lies the potential to elevate the consciousness of the world and the capacity to fight a winning battle against the most arduous enemy.

copyright Fatimah Halim 2000


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