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Our Team

Fatimah Halim


Fatimah Halim is the designer, facilitator, and author of Rites of Passage Programs for Phoenix area youth. This commitment to youth has driven her passion for over 30 years. Her dedication to promoting the development of women and girls is also evident in her Journey Home Program: An Arts Experience for Incarcerated Women and in her book, “Blueprint for Womanhood:  A Rites of Passage Handbook for Growing Girls. In Zhenzhou, China, she was a guest of the Shanghai Women’s Federation, where she presented a workshop on her Rites of Passage Program at Sias International University.
She is currently the co-producer and host of “Focus” a Cox Cable Television Talk Show and was co-host for KTAR radio’s teen talk show “At the Crossroads”; cable talk show “Think About It: Perspectives from Women of Color”; and “Real Life Focus” on local Phoenix radio.
Fatimah began her professional life in New York City as back-up singer and went on to record with singer/songwriterLaura Nyro.  She and her brothers, The Aleems, were members of Ghettofighters, recognized for their work with Jimi Hendrix. She traveled to Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, Brazil, the Bahamas, and throughout the American South studying her art and performing her stories. She has toured, as a storyteller, with Rosa Parks, Mother of the modern day Civil Rights Movement and her highly acclaimed one-woman show “She’s So G.H.E.T.T.O. – Chronicles of a Ghetto Girl Gone Goddess” has brought audiences to their feet in tears and laughter.  She has also wowed audiences with her one-woman show “Juliette Must Die – A Story of a Woman in Conflict with Herself.” She recently returned from Habana, Cuba where she performed as a storyteller at Casa de Africa. Fatimah also plays the role of Colette in the critically acclaimed Web Series, “Griot’s Lament,” by the award winning Producer/Director Aleks Munoz.

Bridgette Williams


Bridgette I. Williams has a passion for giving back to community and inspiring and impacting future generations, which is evidenced in her work coordinating the ROP Mentoring Program. She is a mother of one and ASU Alumni holding both Bachelors and Masters degrees. Bridgette is originally from Long Beach, California who has lived in the Phoenix area for 12 years and works as an academic adviser for an online University. When Bridgette isn't enjoying time with her daughter, she spends her free time reading, plays women's' tackle football and pursuing business endeavors.

Stacia Holmes


Stacia Holmes has over twenty years of professional experience in supervision in the areas of youth development, budget and finance, cultural enrichment, juvenile diversion, prevention, and the fine arts.  In that time she has managed numerous recreational facilities for the City of Phoenix, a youth enrichment program for YMCA, a federally funded drug prevention program for middle school aged participants, and gender and culture specific programs.  For the last 14 years, she has administered intervention programs serving youths and adults for the City of Phoenix, Parks and Recreation Department with over 10 years in class and event programming.


Ebone Johnson


Ebone Johnson's background includes a myriad of things: From Translating and Interpreting for Spanish speaking Clientele to Account Exec at one of the leading local radio stations, but her heART is in ART! An avid lover of thrifting and painting she decided why not put the two together creating Rejected Thrifts! Hailing from the great state of Mississippi, This Southern Belle enjoys giving back to the community and volunteering wherever she's needed. She is the owner and muse behind Rejected Thrifts as well as the Program Director for a local non-profit FIBCO Family Services Inc.

Teniqua Broughton


Teniqua Broughton is a champion for the equitable accessibility and the advancement of arts education for all people. By leveraging her leadership, compassion, strategic planning, and action, Teniqua has served in multiple capacities to advance her mission. Teniqua has extensive experience serving on regional and national panels around diversity and inclusive initiatives, and her commitment to advocating on Capitol Hill about education and the arts, or house bills affecting our children. This solidifies Teniqua Broughton as an agent for change in the Arts Education community.


Teniqua recognizes that one must become actively involved in the decision making process when striving to evoke change. For over ten years, Teniqua has been committed to imparting her insight on board governance best practices to several arts education organizations both locally and nationally. Teniqua managed the Cultural Participation department at Arizona State University (ASU) Gammage-the largest presenting organization in the Southwest. Teniqua has contributed to the Live Nation Arts Education Task Force, and will serve as incoming, Chair of the Arts Education committee for City of Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission. Although Teniqua leads with her heart, many have recognized her for tireless work in the community and abroad. Her most recent recognition was the 2014 honor being named Community Leader in Arts Education by the Arizona Community Foundation’s Black Philanthropy Initiative (BPI).  Teniqua holds an M. Ed in educational administration and supervision, and B.I.S. in education psychology, with and emphasis in theater for youth. She is the founder and president of Verve Simone Consulting, LLC.


Imani Muhammad


Imani Muhammad has been committed to mental health education in our community for over 30 years.  Ms. Muhammad is a psycho-therapist who has donated her time and services and assisted those with Mental Health challenges. She has averted suicide attempts and has worked with families with troubled children. Ms. Muhammad has been with the Rites of Passage program since its inception.  She instructs classes, develops curriculum, and donates her counseling services to participants and families.  Ms. Muhammad is also a key member of the Journey Home Program for Incarcerated Women where she provides counseling and support to the women in Estrella Jail. 

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Angelica Lindsey-Ali

Blueprint for Womanhood

Angelica Lindsey-Ali is a wife, proud homebirthing mother of 4, and a lifelong lover of African culture. A native of Detroit, Angelica studied African and African American Studies at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She has spent the last 19 years working both locally and internationally in the fields of education, public health, refugee rights, and social work, endeavoring to help end systematic inequities inflicting Black people across the Diaspora.  She is a certified sexual health educator and the lead consultant for Beautiful Abyss, an online information-sharing portal for Black women’s health and wellness. After returning from a 5 year stint in the Middle East and West Africa, Angelica has been conducting program supervision and development, as well as capacity building for organizations who have established educational and public health initiatives within the African American community. Angelica is the co-founder and Vice President of Endé Education, an American based educational management company operating branches in Phoenix, AZ and Accra, Ghana.


In addition to her professional work, Angelica is a professional dancer and choreographer specializing in the dances of West Africa. She instructs Rites participants on body awareness, sacred movement, and the cultural history, meaning and technique of dances from Ghana, Mali, Senegal, and Guinea. 

Bilal Munir Rahim


Bilal Munir Rahim also known by his stage name Martel Cartel is Arizona native born and partially raised. Bilal spent his junior high and high school years in San Diego, CA where he learned the hard knocks of life and developed a love for hip hop. After high school, Bilal returned to Phoenix to pursue a music career and to be with family. Bilal started GreenLight-THC music & publishing in 2012 with the intent of giving independent artists the opportunity to own their publishing rights and get paid from their music. In 2014, he took a break from music to create “Our Black Fathers Committee LLC,”  a ‘fathers mentoring fathers’ organization based on "building stronger communities; one father at a time". Bilal still makes music and helps other artists pursue their dreams, yet he still finds time to stay active locally and nationally in issues regarding the disenfranchised. Our Black Fathers Committee serves as a platform for his new journey of activism tackling specific issues such as police brutality, gang violence, fatherhood support and mentoring programs for young boys. 

James Sesay, Jr.


James Sesay Jr, a loving husband of a 13 year marriage and father of four, was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Atlanta, GA. He is the only son of two immigrants from Sierra Leone and is the first generation to be born in the U.S.. James is a former Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps. While stationed in Yuma, he served for five years as the Training Non-Commission Officer of the Aircraft Firefighting Division. James went on to study psychology and information technology at Arizona State University. James is currently a marketing consultant and owner of a landscaping and painting company. He has over 30 years experience in martial arts; trained in TangSoo Do, Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and HwaRang Do and in boxing. Currently, James is an instructor of Gungfu specializing in Kuntao and Penchak Silat. He states, "Being able to train and help mentor the young men of the S.O.N.S Program has been one of my greatest honors." He looks forward to continue empowering young men with confidence, perseverance, discipline and self defense.

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