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A Culture and Leadership Development Program for Girls

Blueprint for Womanhood (BFW) is a unique leadership development program specifically designed to prepare adolescent females, ages 12 to 17, for a successful transition into womanhood. The program places an emphasis on cultural, mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Blueprint for Womanhood is culture and gender specific with classes tailored to meet the needs of girls of color. The curriculum is designed to address each girl's unique characteristics and the challenges young women face in today's society.

What will they learn?

BFW stimulates natural skills and talents, encourages critical thinking and emotional intelligence, and provides tools and resources to help girls consciously navigate their journey into womanhood and become productive, global citizens.

BFW helps our daughters to create an alternative vision of womanhood; Womanhood as Sacred.

Classes are currently being scheduled for 2023. Stay posted.


Blueprint for Womanhood


Culture and Leadership Development Program for Girls Age 12-17


Blueprint for Womanhood serves to shift the paradigm of dysfunctional behavior that is undermining the quality of life for our daughters. We provide the keys that unlock the treasures of womanhood and open the doors to endless possibilities.

Women are the pivotal point in the development of a highly functional society. They are the first teachers, the heartstrings of the family, and the glue that keeps it all together.
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